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Fill-Air Rocket™

The Fill-Air Rocket™ inflatable void fill system, a void fill solution designed specifically to meet the needs of modern fulfillment. Drawing on decades of best-in-class inflatable void fill experience, the Fill-Air Rocket™ system is faster, simpler, lighter and better prepared for your packaging operations.

  • Unrivaled Speed – The Fill-Air Rocket™ system produces 100 feet of void fill material cushions per minute.
  • Simplified Operation- The new Fill-Air Rocket™ system ensures foolproof operation with active film web tracking and bag length operation. Simply plug in and load film and the Fill-Air Rocket system is ready for operation.
  • Versatile Film Options- Fill-Air Extreme™ and Fill-Air Extreme Efficiency™ films are available in three widths (8”, 10” and 12”) and can be converted to two different cushion lengths, creating six possible cushion sizes.

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Protective Packaging

Whether it’s the PackTiger® paper packaging system or widely used products such as Bubble Cushioning and Loose Fill, RPC Packaging Supply is the best source for all your protective packaging needs. For more than fifty years, our customers have relied on us to be the sole supplier for their packaging requirements. To find out what’s best for you, contact us today. We’ll save you time and money, guaranteeing you and your business additional profit.

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